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  • Can I process EFT memberships through SunLync?
    Yes! You can process both credit cards and ACH EFT memberships through SunLync. We have two highly secure direct gateway integrations, giving you options.
  • Can I send time to my beds through SunLync?
    Yes, SunLync will send time to your beds through the software and allows you to view equipment statuses at all times.
  • Do you charge per workstation?
    No, pricing is per salon and you can have as many POS workstations at each location as you like!
  • Do you just send me a download link for the software, and do I have to learn it on my own?"
    No, you will have a dedicated project manager that will train you on how to setup and use the software based on your business model in 6 remote training sessions.
  • I currently use software. Will you convert my data for me?
    Yes, we have standard data conversion tools for a number of software types. We will convert your customers, their active services, and transaction history into SunLync for you.
  • Are you compatible with Mac?
    No, you must have a Windows operating system.
  • What happens if I lose my connection to the SunLync database?
    The salon(s) will use the Offline Utility (which uses a local copy of data, including your customers and their active services), so that you can still process transactions and send time to the beds. When your connection is restored, the transactions are automatically uploaded into SunLync.
  • Can I set up different security access for employees in the software based on their position?
    Yes, you can set up security templates within the software, and associate them with the employees. This allows you to empower your staff to do their jobs effectively while limiting access to sensitive areas of the software.
  • Can I use biometrics (fingerprint readers) for customer verification?
    Yes! You can use biometrics for customer verification AND you can search for customers by their fingerprint. You can also use biometrics for employee security.
  • Can I access my SunLync database from anywhere and work remotely from my salon location?
    Yes! As long as you have an internet connection you can do anything that you would at the salon from the privacy of your own home or while on vacation.


Contact us today with your questions and a representative will be happy to assist you. 

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