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The Electronic Team Member

One of the most vital members of your team may not be a "who" but rather, a "what." A premium software solution will prove to be an operations manager, security guard, administrative assistant...

Going Green, It's the Way

Are you eager to implement green practices in your business, but not sure how to do so other than by recycling the carboard boxes that contain the products you order?

It's in the Numbers

Saying that it is crucial to have essential metrics readily available at your fingertips is a huge understatement. We have been faced with continuous uncertainty over the last year...

Don't Delay, Implement Now!

Leaving your comfort zone and the fear of change can be enough to make anyone hesitant to take any sort of action, even if making certain changes will be of great benefit to your business in the long term.


As we continue to adapt through a scenario that none of us have experienced in our lifetime, it’s important that we keep up the momentum when it comes to how we’ve adapted the practices within our business.


As we operate our businesses during a “new Normal”, the customer service that we deliver along with providing a safe and comfortable environment for our clients is of paramount importance. 


As salons begin to reopen across the country, social distancing regulations are likely going to be in order, and if not mandated, most salon owners will voluntarily take their own initiatives.


There are several key components that your business depends upon in order to ensure its success – technology, personnel and equipment are a few of the crucial ones that are quite interrelated...

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